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In all, there are six single-story and eight two-story structures on site with the largest being the massive 126,000 square-foot central services building.

Inside this building are classrooms, religious areas, culinary arts, kitchen facilities, dining halls and laundry services.

There is continuous internal movement, though, with a number of employees being promoted and thus creating vacancies in other positions.

"They did that before they came out to visit with their loved ones here (the older facility)." Saturday's open house gave members of the public a rare opportunity to tour the prison as access will never be this easy again because of security reasons.

Much work went into the tour by having corrections employees stationed throughout the facility to explain to visitors the various features in each area.

Once clearing through security - no cell phones, cameras, bags, etc., were allowed - visitors walked through the doors which opened into a massive complex covering 55 acres and including facilities equipped to house and care for more than 1,600 persons.

"A lot of people were amazed at the size of the facility," said Chillicothe Correctional Center Warden Jennifer Miller.

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CAPTION: All 481 offenders formerly housed at the old Chillicothe Correctional Center on Third Street were transferred overnight to the new prison (above) in north Chillicothe. Thursday and the last offender arrived at the new facility at a.m. Around 150 members of the emergency squad from other correctional centers assisted in the move.

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