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Valerie brusselle dating site

“I remember Pub Quiz very well,” Urs tells me ahead of Il Divo’s gig at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on Monday next week. Obviously Tania cannot travel with us like she used to. “It’s hard being away from them and this world tour is the first time I have experienced that. But I’m not touring forever.” That world tour has already taken them to Australia and the Far East, it’s now the European leg and after that they head for the USA, Middle East and South America.

When Billie was a little baby it was do-able but now it is too complicated. “There’s a lot of travelling but it is great to be doing it,” admits Urs, 40.

Recently divorced Spanish baritone praised the beauty of Slovak girls already not only on stage but after midnight and left the hotel accompanied by a young leggy brunette.” Urs Bühler, na entrevista abaixo, compara a atual turnê do Il Divo com as passadas e fala do que mudou na vida dele e da sua família.

O divo suíço enfatiza que não é mais possível que sua mulher Tania Rodney, maquiadora do Il Divo, acompanhe o grupo em toda a turnê, como no passado, por causa da filha pequena do casal, Billie.

I was at the concert with my mom, then we have a few words and went home. Her words are yet far from the truth as the Eskimo of the equator, as shown in our photos.

Barkolová then with a blissful look on her face goes to a hotel elevator hand in hand with Urs.

Already in the past to address this by throwing them compliments of a previous concert in Bratislava maintained contact with him.

Segundo a mesma reportagem, o divo espanhol estava muito bem acompanhado depois do concerto na Eslováquia.But she was not the only one Slovak who performed musician by night company.Succumbed to the lure of feminine tenderness in the evening and Carlos Marin, according to most experts voice Il Divo.Even there were speculations that she spend the a weekend with him at a chalet in the French Alps.Now, after a concert in the capital city with him, ended the evening in a five-star hotel on the bank of the Danube.

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As postagens de Kelly Phelan, via Twitter, deixam claro: ela e Urs Buhler estão namorando. Como é sabido pelos fãs, o divo suíco sempre foi muito discreto quanto à sua vida íntima.

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