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The teacher has high expectations of his students which only makes you want to rise to meet them.

He is knowledgable of all forms of Tai Chi, and I've seen a huge improvement in my own practice since I began studying here.

With great pleasure we welcome Tai Chi and Qigong students of all levels from beginners with or without previous martial art experience to Yang style Tai Chi experts who want to move into Chen or those who need more time to develop and perfect their Chen and Health Qigong.

The Wang Zhi Ping Tai Chi School offers a personalised instruction from insightful and patient teacher with years of teaching experience of people from different countries and continents in a quiet, peaceful and beautiful environment that provides enough personal space to relax and free your mind.

You will have the opportunity to practise in open space without distractions, to calm your mind and energise your body.

Graham Patterson, England Master Wang Zhi Ping, thank you so much for your expert training in Gi Gong and Tai Chi.Credit where credits due, Wang Zhi Ping is a very good teacher and has helped me along my path.When I first arrived in Yangshuo I had only planned on staying only for a few days and then return to Wudang Shan to continue learning Kung Fu, I found a good Tai Chi School, a very good teacher and so I have stayed longer and probably will return in the Autumn.Plus the amount and quality of instruction for the price is proabably one of the best in China.Studying Tai Chi in China and under Wang Zhi Ping has been a fantastic experience. Liz Jones, USA To Master Wang Zhi Ping and all - I have had the most fantastic experience staying here in Yangshuo and training at the School.

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Previously I had studied Tai Chi in Thailand for a couple of years.

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