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It straddles the communes of Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux, Bollène, Lapalud and Pierrelatte.It is the chief industrial plant in the Tricastin valley area and supplies the energy needs for the departments of Ardèche, Drôme, Vaucluse and the Gard.

Inside, you'll find high ceilings that predate air conditioning and traditional architectural elements like tin plating and crown moldings.In this transitional area that constitutes the northern limit of Provence, the climate in Saint-Paul is more typically Mediterranean than the slightly cooler areas dominated by Lance Mountain in the Drôme provençal.The Tricastin has a climate which is mostly Mediterranean augmented by the mistral in winter, and a marked increase in aridity in summer.is a natural and historic region in the southern Rhône valley of southeastern France comprising the southwestern portion of the Drôme department and the northwestern portion of Vaucluse and centered on the modern town of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux.The region is the cradle of the ancient Tricastini tribe, whose capital was Augusta Tricastinorum under Augustus's reign, now Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux.

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The name Tricastini, which for a long time was interpreted as meaning "the land of the Three Castles" in reality derives its name from the Ligurian tribe the Tricastini, which occupied the territory in antiquity.