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Desiree: The most comfort you can give your actors is by choreographing the sex down to the slightest detail. Don’t let a closed set fall apart after a few takes.No surprises and talk the details out before you get to set. Usually things become more loose and relaxed after a few takes of shooting a sex scene, which is not a bad thing.Try to be as direct and straightforward with what you need from the scene.Sex scenes often need to be blocked out in a fairly mechanical fashion.Here are some things to consider when shooting a sex scene: 1. Sometimes us non-actors feel that, since actors love to perform in front of others, then they must be completely unselfconscious extroverts who are happy to do anything that is asked of them.In fact, I think the strength of an actor comes from their willingness to be open, off balance, unsure, and in the moment. Some act comfortable when they are actually very nervous.This is because you are trying to keep certain body parts or items of clothing off camera.

If he had calmly asked me to drop my drawers and then went ahead with the exam I never would have questioned it. Now, I’m not suggesting that you grab your actor’s testicles. There has to be a reason we’re watching them fuck – either the characters are communicating something to each other or revealing a part of themselves we don’t see otherwise.She is also the co-creator and star of the critically acclaimed web series “The Slope,” a comedy that follows a pair of superficial, homophobic lesbians in love.Desiree was featured as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film” and will appear on the next season of “Girls.” She has a BA from Smith College and an MFA from NYU’s Grad Film Program.As with anything in creative endeavors, there are no rules that work 100 percent of the time.Different content, actors, or shooting styles may require different approaches.

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It’s awkward to ask stand-ins get very close to each other to mimic the positions of the scene, but it’s more awkward to have to fix problems with blocking when the actors are naked in the room.

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