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Phpmyadmin online dating

Juba II and Ancient Romans referred to the island of Tenerife as Nivaria, derived from the Latin word nix (nsg.; gsg. nives), meaning snow, referring to the snow-covered peak of the Teide volcano.Later maps dating to the 14th and 15th century, by mapmakers such as Bontier and Le Verrier, refer to the island as Isla del Infierno, literally meaning "Island of Hell," referring to the volcanic activity and eruptions of Mount Teide.However, upon his death, his nine children rebelled and argued bitterly about how to divide the island.Two independent achimenceyatos were created on the island, and the island was divided into nine menceyatos.

According to Pliny the Younger, Berber king Juba II sent an expedition to the Canary Islands and Madeira; he named the Canary Islands for the particularly ferocious dogs (canaria) on the island.Many of the natives died from new infectious diseases, such as influenza and probably smallpox, to which they lacked resistance or acquired immunity.The new colonists intermarried with the local native population.The menceyes within them formed what would be similar to municipalities today.Tenerife was the last island of Canaries to be conquered and the one that took the longest time to submit to the Castilian troops.

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In modern society, the latter term is generally applied only to inhabitants of the capital, Santa Cruz.

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