Online sex scams

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Online sex scams

Anyway this fake blog talks all about this product King Size and how you can get a FREE TRIAL and all you have to do is pay a small shipping charge of .95 for a bottle. They have other scam products too like Virility X3, Evermax and FB1 Test. Kitts to avoid American authorities because of the credit card scam they are running. The have a video presentation called “Ron’s Blog” – Oh really a Ron’s Blog – they are trying to pretend they have the only and only Ron Jeremy – but it’s not me.Look at the fine print from their sleazy, scummy website titled TERMS and CONDITIONS. Then 12 days later they charge you 9.97 for the bottle you think is free. Check out the trademark registration they have filed. Kitts – that's a tiny little island in the Caribbean. The head honcho, Paul T., is really hiding out in a house in Fort Lauderdale he bought in February of 2014. I’m so tired of scumbags trying to cash in on my name, but these guys are real crooks.Have you seen an ad for a male enhancement pill that offers a FREE Trial? You call the companies’ 800 number to claim your free bottle of the natural male enhancement penis pills advertised in a newspaper, on radio or on TV.Or an ad that says they only charge you a small fee for shipping? They get all your information and tell you it’s only or for the shipping. In 14 days or 30 depending upon the company they send you another bottle of the male enhancement pill at full price – normally over ! In fact, it's one of the reasons I created my website and am spilling the beans on the penis pill industry. You can buy Big Jim & The Twins for .58 on Amazon.I believe I am the world's number one expert on this subject. The key ingredient in any penis pill is Tribulus Terrestris – and look at their ingredient list – it’s listed as (herb powder) in other words TOTALLY FUCKING WORTHLESS!No other product on the market is a bigger crock of shit than this stupid fucking penis extender.

They tell you girls are in your area and want to fuck.Below the picture of their this photo below I explain how these fuckers bang your credit card for 9.91 in the first 30 days. So you are paying .95 to get it shipped out to you, and if you don’t return it to them they will silently charge your credit card 9.97 – hoping that most guys don’t check their credit card statement every day and the 9.97 charge slides by. So you think you are getting to try a bottle of King Size – which is worthless powered crap and couldn't make the cock of a flea hard- and in reality they bang your credit card almost 0 bucks. If you try and return the stuff they have a 35% “Restocking fee”. So they charge you for something you didn’t want, even if you give it back to them unopened. Look a the address for the company – it’s a fucking P. So they have this phony video which claims you can grow your penis 4 inches in 4 weeks – that’s impossible – especially with their worthless product. So Check out The Xanogen “Risk Free” trial where you only pay for shipping and handling! But Lets look at the Xanogen "Terms & Conditions"See how fucking shady this is. If you open the product you won’t get a fucking penny back.Then 30 days later they will again charge you 9.97 and .97 shipping, so a total of 9.91 and send you a bottle of their worthless King Size pills. Restocking fee like they are some legitimate company. So if you get two bottles it's basically a 0 "restocking fee". They then offer you two free trials of product they claims you need to take together to grow 4 inches in 4 weeks. “If you love Xanogen as much as we do, simply do nothing and at the end of your 15 day trial, you will be charged the super low price of .95 – a nice saving.” Are they fucking crazy!! They just bang your credit card for .95 for a bottle of their worthless crap which doesn’t do any of the things they claim. The guys fight with you like street brawlers and threaten to fuck up your credit and all kinds of nasty shit. They sell this crap for – which would be fine if it worked – but it doesn’t and they know it, that’s why they have to trick you with this scam. Features: Search: You can search for people in this section using search parameters such as age, location, gender, marital status, ethnicity, hair color, body type etc. Features: Home: The homepage shows you the most viewed profiles, newest members, who's online now, hot new photos as well […] Website Details: Cost: 8 credits costs £ 7, 99.

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And for it to work they say you have to wear it for 6 hours a day! Are you supposed to go to work with this on your dick? Numerous studies and articles have been done on this saying it does not work. The pills suck by the way - worthless powdered crap. This product should be put in the Hall of Fame of Crap - right next to King Size, Xanogen and Blackcore Edge.

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