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Put It on Paper “When we experience stress and the negative emotions associated with it, we typically stay in our own heads and do little to address our thinking," says licensed psychologist L. At the top of the left column, write “Negative things I am saying to myself.” In the right column, write “Alternatives.” Fill out both columns.“When we simply acknowledge what we’re saying to ourselves out of stress, we often realize how silly we are being.” This process will help put your stress into perspective.Research backs it up; a study published in (the aptly named) found college students assigned with expressive writing tasks experienced less depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms after two months than control students who did nothing.Sleep Right If you pull an all-nighter partying or scrambling to meet a work deadline, being groggy and edgy aren't the worst tradeoffs.Chapman suggests sitting or lying comfortably with your eyes closed while you deeply inhale through your nose, and count “one.” Then exhale and think the word “relax.” Continue this up to 10.

Yoga breathing can also bring your mind to the present moment and reduce stress, according to research published in the .

Try adding your boss and other important folks to your "VIP" email list.

That way, you can safely check your email less frequently knowing that the truely important stuff will make it through.

Take Some Deep Breaths The term “fight or flight” is also known as the stress response, but breath control helps calm the body, according to Harvard Medical School.

Chapman adds, “deep, controlled, and slowed breathing from the diaphragm combats many of the physiological symptoms that we experience when stressed.” When you take control of your breathing and feel in control of just one thing, it can make you feel immensely better.

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Perfectionists are under constant stress, which can lead to severe psychological pain and hopelessness, but there's a way to break the cycle: Strive for excellence, not perfection.