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Honestly, I haven't had a ton of great reactions from guys I've dated.

Based on the fact that there are more than 1,800 comments on the thread, I'd say waiting until marriage isn't as rare as I thought? When I asked him what happened he said, 'My pull out game is not strong.'" —6. I think we still have sex almost every day, except when he thinks I'm mad at him. I've used dating apps before, and the fact that I'm waiting to have sex always comes up.I like making it known from the beginning, so if that person is wanting a sexual relationship before marriage, they're aware that it's something I'm not willing to have.Although Millennials are often criticized for just wanting to hook up, never falling in love, and never going on any actual dates, there are twentysomethings out there for whom dating is about everything .In it, he discusses how Christ loves us totally, definitely, and sacrificially through his body, and that is what sex was created for us to do as well — to love others totally, definitely, and sacrificially through out bodies.

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“I think [the choice] to have sex before marriage is an individual one, but if you’re just with one person, it’s only for one good reason, and [waiting to have sex] will strengthen that relationship.

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