New singaporian dating sites

Posted by / 30-Jul-2016 20:26

So if you believe in fate, Happn is here to bridge the gap for you.

The catch: It sounds a tad creepy that your (approximate) location is tracked, used, and revealed in the dating app.

So the bagels you get are curated for you based on your preferences and personality type.

The success rate of “real” relationships formed is thus higher.

Recently, the app also came up with the concept of swiping in groups, like a virtual group matchmaking. The catch: However, having the sky as the limit may not necessarily be such a great thing after all.

You’d have endless profiles to swipe, and it can get a little overwhelming, like you’re wading through a sea of random people or trying to find a needle in a haystack since the deck isn’t curated. S.: The chances of getting a casual hook up or fling are pretty high here. Whether that’s good or bad news is up to you to decide.

The catch: While there are too many profiles on Tinder, some feel that CMB has too few profiles to go around.

There is also a substantial number of users on the app, with most of them seeking a serious relationship.

And you will have 24 hours to indicate your interest.

If both sides are keen, you’d score yourself a “Connection”.

They will also let you know the number of times you have crossed paths! As cliched as it sounds, Happn makes what seemed impossible in the past possible now.

We cross paths with thousands of people a day, and for a small city like Singapore it can be easier for you to find someone you’ve always noticed but never had the guts approach him/her.

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Also, because the app is so popular and used by many, you might encounter your friend or relatives’ profiles more often than you’d like it. But if you’re looking for something more serious, keep reading!