Linkedin online dating

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Linkedin online dating

If you really want to date this person, see if they’re online anywhere else (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and approach them via that site or app.

When you think about it for a moment, there are more than a couple solid reasons to use Linked In to find or vet a date; in fact, here is a list of seven reasons why you need to use Linked In for dating. (Relatively) Honest Profiles When you visit someone’s dating profile, you never know what’s real or factual and what’s not; they’re there to get a date, and people will embellish at length in order to get what they want.

If you can’t find a suitable partner on Linked In, (as foreign as that may sound) where can you? No fake accounts Dating sites are chalk full of bots and fake accounts, but it doesn’t make sense to have a fake Linked In account.

Like literally, I can’t come up with a good reason why anyone would make a fake Linked In account. Can use them as a connection/reference if it doesn’t work out After an unsuccessful date with someone, they’re basically out of your life forever, which sometimes can be a drag if you felt like you could’ve been friends despite what may or may not have happened between you.

Well, that’s going to happen slightly less often now, because people are using Linked In to find dates!

That means that people are either finding dates in real life or via a dating app/site, and then doing a background check on Linked In, or even just looking for dates directly on Linked In.

Professional achievements highlighted on a Linked In profile have very little to do with if a person is looking for a relationship or not, or how they would be in a relationship if they were looking for one.

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To make sure they’re not some catfish or robot, you should do some quick vetting, which consists of just searching through their profile and checking out their connections- if they have very few, ditch them and move on.

When you encounter someone on a dating site, it’s hard to do background checks; it’s not like they’ve got their own Wikipedia page and tons of content written about them.

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They’re also totally capable of commitment (that’s for you ladies out there); see that one guy?

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