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Kevin spacey dating

“In 2000, Kevin was pap-snapped with a young male model he’d met in a restaurant and then driven to a Los Angeles park,” magazine published a series of photos documenting the incident in April 2000—a few weeks after Spacey won the Oscar for Best Actor at that year’s Academy Awards.What makes these photos unusual is that they’re impossible to find on the Internet.The only thing more random than Evan from Evan and Jaron being Kevin Spacey’s Emmys date is Evan from Evan and Jaron being Kevin Spacey’s manager. Kevin Spacey took social media by storm after he was spotted at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards with one very attractive mystery man seated right next to him.The suggestion was first aired in 1997, when Esquire magazine ran a front page headlined “Kevin Spacey has a Secret” and implied, to his then fury, that he was homosexual.The LA Confidential star refused to say one way or the other but instead hit back, likening the piece to US Senator Mc Carthy’s communist witch-hunt after World War II.

Says an eyewitness: “It was a very intimate rendezvous.

to see if Kevin's statement stays on his Twitter page for more than 24 hours.

(The book carries a glowing blurb by none other than Anderson Cooper.) Still, Cohen’s statement hardly lacks supporting evidence—such as a few long-lost photos published nearly 15 years ago.

He denied he was Spacey’s lover, and he refused to answer any of the questions about their relationship.

(The magazine did not name the young man, and as seen in the top image, digitally obscured his face.) Which brings us to the photos, thirteen in all. He’s wearing a black Jersey Records baseball cap and sunglasses; his buddy is wearing a yellow t-shirt and baggy cargo pants.

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Unsurprisingly, Kevin's admission was met with intense backlash from many — including Rose Mc Gowan, Billy Eichner, Rosie O'Donnell, etc.

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