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It also celebrates the partnership between the USDA Forest Service, Federal Lands Highway Administration, and state and local communities in providing continued stewardship and access to national forests Provides a summary of the most-used cooking advice from the U. Provides contact information for the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline and Ask Karen, both of which provide access to USDA food safety experts Covers crucial safety measures for cooking turkey and stuffing, including determination of time to defrost the bird based on its size, safe temperature to achieve in roasting, and maximum time these foods may remain out of refrigerator or oven.Includes referrals to two consumer information resources: USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline and Ask Karen, an advice service through a virtual representative of the Food Safety and Inspection Service Describes the mission and activities of the USDA Food Safety Discovery Zone, "a forty-foot-long truck that is packed with food safety lessons" and functions as a mobile classroom.Instructs on components of plans to: prepare facilities, employees, and products; respond to a flooding event; and recover from it.

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Includes references to USDA food safety information services A public service announcement (PSA) that provides instructions about keeping refrigerated and frozen food items safe during a power outage.

Includes references to USDA food safety information services Explores the relationship between people and the land past, present and future. Covers different safe cooking temperatures for poultry and meats, safe handling and cooking of raw eggs, and techniques for maintaining safe temperatures during service of both hot and cold buffet foods.

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