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International dating sites ratings of charities

In 2018, a legion of small businesses will wake up to the reality that they are under cyber-attack Criminal marketplaces are profitable and tools are more accessible to all.Destructive cyber-threat activity is becoming more common and attribution is getting harder Although governments are trying hard to avoid future leaks, more exploit arsenals will be exposed in the coming years.

Due to the dynamic nature of the Dev Ops function, key ‘secrets’ (like privileged account credentials) are copied and shared in multiple locations.

Steve Morgan – 14 pgs – 16th October 2017 Cybercrime damages will cost the world trillion by 2021.

The Big Data Bang’ will explode from 2 billion objects to 200 billion by 2020.

2018 will see the Internet of Things (Io T) become a target for mass disruption 2018 will see Workforce Monitoring (UEBA) become a top priority for CISOs Nokia - data from the Nokia Net Guard Endpoint Security solution, protecting 100 million devices - 20 pgs - 13th Nov 2017 Cybercriminals are changing their focus from the Windows/PC ecosystem to smartphones and Io T devices.

0.68% of all mobile devices carry an infection identifiable by Net Guard Endpoint Security.

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Cryptomic and Cerber ransomware are expected to hit its targets with new variants and sophisticated propagation techniques.2018 will see many organizations undergo CISO reshuffles as these individuals realize they are unprepared for GDPR.