Green berets dating websites

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Green berets dating websites

They have said time and again that they want to maintain the standards, but have continuously lowered, and now eliminated them.”“Students do not need to be able to pass a 2-mile run at an 80% standard.

They do not need to pass a 5-mile run in under 40 minutes.

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More than that, she’s afraid that no guy will want to date her once they find out she won’t have sex with them.

To say that standards have not been eliminated would be laughable, were it not so tragic.”“The moment they took command, their primary motivation for making changes to the SFQC was to acquire ‘Multi-star Potential’ on their OERs, They pursued this by, first, ensuring that the Q-course graduation rate was raised so they could lay claim to making the Q course more efficient and, second, ensuring that the standards were lowered so as to make certain that the first women able to pass selection would have the best possible chance of making it through the grueling 14 month (at it’s quickest) pipeline practically unimpeded.

Being able to say they graduated the first female Green Beret is a milestone no officer (devoid of principles, that is) can possibly pass up. Army Special Forces Soldiers assigned to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan participate in a stress shoot to mimic combat conditions during combat marksman skills training at a range in Kabul province, Afghanistan, Feb. There are serious allegations of negligence and malfeasance against the leadership of an elite force that’s already been endured a rise in operational tempo this year — and a rise in scrutiny.

Recently, a young college gal emailed me asking how to stay positive after dating what she called a “deadbeat” kind of guy.

She admitted her fault in not seeing the red flags but gladly checked out when it became obvious that the two were on two different wave lengths when it came to compatibility.

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