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Gesangbuchlieder online dating

They all take a different perspective on literature and take into account different criteria for defining literariness, which is the sum of special linguistic and formal properties that distinguish literary texts from non‐literary texts.

One of the most basic theories of literariness is the textual approach, which regards literariness as a formal linguistic and stylistic property of texts.

Building on this theoretical basis, the concept of literary metaphor is linked with each of these two definitions of literariness in order to show that it can be analyzed from a purely formal and stylistic as well as from a reader-related perspective, both contributing to the distinct characteristics of literary metaphor.

One thing particularly deserves attention: the metaphorical blending of a description of natural phenomena (“mud,” “bad weather”) with financial jargon (“deposits,” “accumulating,” “compound interest”).

By combining these two areas, the words are taken out of their usual context and put into another one, which thus becomes unfamiliar to the reader.

One of the main aims of literary studies is to define what literature actually is.

In general, there are manifold models of literature, which try to explain what exactly makes people refer to a piece of writing as .

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