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They are actually convinced they ARE the identity they try on.And adolescents are renowned for trying on hairstyles, belief systems, clothing styles—only to discard them after a few weeks, months, or maybe even years.

“Most of the young people just skip that step now,” the therapist said. It took years for me to come to know my body’s nuances and intricacies, its capacity for pleasure, how I might feel in relation to another.

In every anonymous drive-by comment, the hater referred to my “son” who would grow up to hate my guts.

“He” would surely commit suicide, and more than one of them wished me a lifetime of misery when that inevitably happened.

As children develop, these gender stereotypes become firmly entrenched beliefs and thus, are a part of the child’s self-concept. Often, parents give subtle messages regarding gender and what is acceptable for each gender – messages that are internalized by the developing child (Arliss, 1991).

Sex role stereotypes are well established in early childhood.

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In fact, she needed protection from the who were sending me hate mail on Tumblr.

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