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This Crochet Pansy pattern has been adapted from a piece of crochet lace my great-grandma made in the ’50s.

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First of all, it was done in the finest of thread, so I could hardly see a thing.

Secondly, some of the pansies were made by a left-handed crocheter. I couldn’t understand why the stitches were going the “wrong way”, until I copped on that they must have been done by a lefty.

In fact Aunty Dollie and Engela were both born in 1901, mere months apart.

All of a sudden he stood up and said: “Half of you are donkeys!

” (Die helfde van julle is Esels.) The speaker reprimanded him and told him to apologize.

Working on it has brought back so many memories of her.

For a few short hours, it felt like we were communicating across the years.

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All I ask is that you credit me as the designer if you make anything using this pattern.