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Even with only a slight buzz, researchers have found that alcohol consumption leads to “higher attractiveness ratings for low- and moderate-attractiveness stimuli,” meaning “beer goggles” are very real.

A study published recently by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s department of psychology examined male undergraduate subjects as they were given either an alcoholic or placebo beverage to investigate how alcohol consumption might influence the sexual objectification of women.

“You’re so lucky, I miss being single,” is the rush of envious nostalgia uttered by most monogamists to their uncommitted friends over bottles of rosé on warm spring evenings, once the facade of “cuffing season” has faded and the opportunity for fresh romance hangs in the air.After being asked to rate the appearance and personality of women, the researchers concluded that men were more likely to view women as sexual objects under the influence of alcohol, even at moderate levels of intoxication.A panel rated 80 photos of undergraduate women dressed to go out and asked the subjects to judge them on personality and appearance, and determine how much warmth, good-naturedness, friendliness, competence, intelligence, confidence and attractiveness their photos implied. The researchers used eye-tracking technology to monitor their gazes as the men rated the women on the same attributes.The lights are dim, the drinks are strong and inhibitions give way to new connections.Liquid courage is the ultimate wingman, or so we thought.

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“Environments in which alcohol is present are ripe with opportunities for objectifying gazes,” said study author Abigail Riemer.

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