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Azdg nepal muslim dating site

Author Thomas Arnold, in his book, The Preaching of Islam says that gradually, marriages and social interactions led to an increase in the Tibetan Muslim population until a sizable community came up around Lhasa, Tibet’s capital.

The Muslim society in the Terai region is organized along the principles of caste, but differs in many respects from the caste system found among the Madhesi Hindus.

But each grouping does maintain a separate and distinct identity, especially with regards intermarriage.

While many work as petty businessmen, some have joined government service or entered politics.

The descendants of these migrants live in Kathmandu, numbering about two thousand.

They tend to be well-educated and speak a mixture of Nepali and Urdu at home rather than Kashmiri.

The story of the Tibetan Muslims is that of a unique community, that has blended different cultural strains to forge a distinct identity, that has been kept alive even in the face of adversity.

According to the community,s traditions, Islam arrived almost a thousand years ago in Tibet, a region that has always been synonymous with a monolithic Buddhist culture.

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