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So, to underline this, yes, asexual people are as likely to masturbate as anyone else.It’s incredibly frustrating and disconcerting to be asked over and over again.

Some do it out of duty, love or because they enjoy pleasing their partner. There are hundreds of reasons why people have sex, and ‘because I am attracted to my partner’ is a common one, but only one of many reasons.Sex is an incredibly varied practice between people of all sexualities, and everyone is different, including asexual people. Every asexual has different boundaries, so if you really need to know, ask the individual – but it’s a very personal question.Of course, asexuals need to practice safe sex just as much as anyone else; if there is a chance of blood, semen or vaginal fluids to pass from one person’s body to another’s use a condom or dental dam.For a wide variety of reasons, gay people have been known to have sex with the opposite sex (as some straight people have had sex with the same sex) – does this make them ‘less’ gay? Sexuality is defined by how a person feels, not by how a person behaves.If a bisexual woman has only had sex with another woman, is she a lesbian? If an asexual person is not attracted to anyone, it is irrelevant to their sexuality whether they have sex or not.

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Of course, asexuals may be having sex, so that certainly stops them being celibate.

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