Ambiguous men dating choosing a screen name for online dating

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Ambiguous men dating

There was a consensus that women, when it comes to dating/mating as opposed to mere socializing, often don't clearly show when they are not interested, but also when they are.It's all too convenient for feminists to excuse "female laziness", as Alek Novy calls it, and demand of men to read the mind of women." Listening to a group of young women is dangerous since it may make your head explode with all their hasty generalizations and wild speculations.

If you happen to have some mutual friends, you may now hear that "Jennifer totally wanted you to take her out. " If you now say that you don't like girls that play games and, in fact, prefer those that don't, you immediately become the asshole, of course.Before feminists and feminist shills now cry "sexism! My female "friends" all disappeared when they learnt that I'm actually not available or "really" have a girlfriend.Personally, I don't think that men and women make very good friends.Think about how much less of a pain dating would be if women learnt to clearly say "yes" or "no".Paraphrasing Alek Novy, "How come that something a two-year old can do is too challenging for an adult woman?

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Since their are two sexes, she can only choose from her scatter-brained and back-stabbing girlfriends, or from some guys who are afraid to make a move.