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Ageplay online sex chat

After much saliva spilling from her throat, I pulled out and proceeded to throw her on the bed for the best part. The motion was subtle, but I could feel it and I started to shift my position. “Mmmmm…daddy, it feels so good,” Bella said finally breaking off her french kissing “can you push your cock in me deeper? ” “I’ll try pumpkin” I replied, drawing back then returning my cock into the taut slickness of Bella’s pussy. The way my sweet child had been transformed by lust and careful pleasuring into a writhing, crying teen demanding my dick was like a pure shot of adrenaline, making the incestuous lover ache with desire. I stayed plugged inside her shuddering vagina as my daughter’s orgasm finally struck. “That’s it sweetie, that’s my girl,” I groaned as I encouraged her to let the spasms overtake her body’ “cum for daddy. And plant my seed for that baby.” “Ohhh yes please daddy,” Bella sighed in the thrall of her orgasm. “You want me barefoot and pregnant, your own daughter huh! ” She babbled lustily trying to get me to spill my spunk where she wanted it most. This was it; the most intense, most immoral and most erotic moment of my entire life. ” Bella wailed and begged as she sensed that I was ready to explode.

I wanted to pound her, make her yelp with ecstacy but this wasn’t going to be a 2 minute quickie. My mouth locked on Bella’s left nipple, sucking with a fervour that was only controlled by my need to also give some attention to the thrusting of my cock up into Bella’s cunt. I had my period two weeks ago so, uhhhhh…it’s about now. Honest.” Bella locked her legs around me and kept drawing my prick into her gooey pussy. I am going to squirt a thick load of my incestuous semen inside my daughter’s unprotected cunt. She wanted me to jet my spunk as far inside her willing body as she could get it. ” Then it was my turn as my entire being went into a paroxysm of sexual delight.

She whimpered and moaned, saying over and over again “Make me pregnant daddy, give me your baby.” “Ohhhh FUCK! Locked together I and Bella, father and daughter tried to create a new life in arguably the most sordid but also most erotic ways possible.

“I can feel your cum daddy,” Bella purred, “it’s kinda warm and itching inside me.

Before she was fully conscious of the action, Bella was taking my cock deeper into her throat — only the best oral pleasure that the most experienced fucking whore could manage. We were fucking like rabbits on heat, and it was amazing. “I want to feel you cling to me as I fuck your cunt.” Bella panted as she agreed. The glans repeatedly smacked into the slick clitoral hood when I drew it out then pushed it back into Bella’s pussy. The man who was responsible for liberating her was the same man who had brought her up to be a good girl, had given her all the love a child could ever hope for.

Bella felt the flick of my inseminating fluids deep inside her body, and this set off her second orgasm. Millions of sperm were blown into my 14 year old daughter’s cunt, and it was mad hope for both her and for me that just one would find an egg inside Bella’s womb.I’d consider myself somewhere between a 2 and a 3 on the Kinsey scale. I have had a handful of male-male sexual experiences. Master’s in history, trying to find work teaching — I’m doing related work now, but not teaching.I tend to be more attracted to dicks than to the men they are attached to. I’m straight, but part of the SPH fetish (at least in my experience) revolves around the adoration or appreciation of large penises.Her saliva mingled with my precum as her tongue darted over, around, against and under my shaft. ” To emphasize her happiness when she said the last word Bella pushed down and against me, making me writhe in pleasure. She needed to have me make her experience the once in a lifetime passionate climax that she craved like a man in a desert thirsts for water. ” I quizzed my daughter through the sounds of their furious fucking. I need you to fuck me, use me, just screw my cunt dad. ” Bella’s eyes fluttered and rolled back as the tension in her cunt turned to stomach-churning bliss.This helped to encourage the 14 year old girl to also run her fingers down her pussy. Between me, a horny father, and my equally aroused daughter. “I want you to fuck me long and slow, hard and deep daddy. Do it.” My cock was now at its deepest, hardest and most erect and with each passionate stab I thought I could feel my daughter’s cervix. ” All of a sudden the 14 year old’s eyes closed tight and her whole body shook. The climax her very I gave her was the most enthralling if immoral pleasure Bella had ever experienced. C’mon, fuck that baby in me.” I pushed my dick as hard as I could into my beautiful daughter. Daddy’s going to make you pregnant, give you a baby.” My balls twitched and contracted.

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Wherever there is a fetish that degrades or humiliates men, SPH can play a part—after all, how better to insult or tear down a guy than to insult his literal manhood?