A view to a kill 1985 online dating amy roloff dating

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A view to a kill 1985 online dating

Now, any perfume with carnation in it makes me recoil in fear. A classy, rich and opulent floral and I don't remember thinking that it was reformulated in a bad way after the EU cosmetics regulations changed.Been my signature and my No 1 for 30 plus years even through all the harsh formulations it has remained my favorite. I shouldn't have said that it smelt close to Chanel Coco EDP though...

Beautiful is a floral fragrance that was launched in 1985.

Towards the end of a long day, the fragrance was still fresh and noticeable.

This was one perfume I never had to respray, especially if I spritzed a little on my top.

The intensive floral heart is sweet, consisting of orange flower, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

The base notes are warm and elegant and include sandalwood and vetiver.

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although everyone smells fragrance slightly differently :-) What did remind me of Beautiful was the lovely floral fragrance, Escada.